The Mission

We exist to glorify God by making disciples of all nations.


The Strategy


Our strategy is to WORSHIP God, to CONNECT with God’s people, to SERVE the church and world, and to MULTIPLY disciple-makers. Connect

Worship is derived from the Old English word, "Worth-ship," which means to ascribe worth to God. Worship is essential to every believer's life. The greatest priority of First Baptist Church is that we lead people to worship God. We believe that all of life is worship, but we also believe that there should be times set aside for private and corporate worship. We call our people to not only attend our worship services, but also engage in worship through singing together, praying together, giving together, and hearing the Word of God read and preached together. As part of our worship services, we commonly partake in the two ordinances of our Lord: Baptism and the Lord’s Supper.

As the church, we have responsibility for each other. Therefore, we must be intentional about connecting in deeper relationships. Discipleship happens best in the context of relationships and relationships happen best in the context of small groups. We understand that worship is the first step in experiencing God but the next step is to grow in godly relationships with other Christians. First Baptist Church offers several great Sunday school classes where anyone can experience spiritual growth by developing authentic relationships with other believers.

Serving the Lord by serving others is the pinnacle of spiritual growth. First Baptist is a church that is known for serving others. The Bible is extremely clear in its mandate to spend our lives in serving others. We call our people to two things when it comes to serving: serve the church and serve the world. God has given everyone a gift or talent in order to be a blessing to the church. From teaching a class to serving on a committee, there are many ways that you can serve First Baptist Church. We also call our people to serve the world. First Baptist offers a variety of opportunities for people to serve in our community and around the world.

We are to multiply disciple makers not only because it is Jesus’ command (Matt 28:18-20), but also because we delight in Him. Multiplying disciple-makers is an expression of our delight in the goodness and worth of God. When you delight yourself in Him, there is an overwhelming desire to help other people delight in God. We make disciples by going, baptizing, and teaching people the gospel. We call our people to make disciples in the home, in the church, and in the world. We desire for Jesus to be known and praised in every part of the world. We exist to glorify God by making disciples of ALL nations.